Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC
Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC

Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Do You Qualify For More Than Workers’ Compensation Benefits?


Are you a contractor? Were you in an accident with a corporate vehicle? Was another party responsible for machinery failure? If so, you may be eligible for both workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements often referred to as “third-party liability.” Because of these complicating factors, it is especially important that you work with an attorney to maximize your settlement.

At Cook & Connelly, you decide what is important. Our commitment to providing the best legal representation possible is over 60 years old. Our attorneys are dedicated to sorting out the legal complications so that you can focus on your recovery. To speak with our attorneys, email our office.

How Third-Party Liability Works

Not every workplace accident involves only company employees and corporate equipment. Some accidents are more complicated. Many accidents involve other forms of liability. Third-party liability claims can take additional time and have many additional legal hurdles to jump. Additional companies and insurance agencies means more bureaucracy to manage before you get compensation.

We reduce your stress by resolving legal issues like:

  • Identifying all possible claims
  • Establishing a clear chain of events that led to your injury
  • Gathering relevant evidence, testimony and other supportive legal documentation
  • Obtaining comprehensive analysis and documentation of your injuries
  • Maximizing your settlement options

The law is complicated. We make it simple. Contact us and speak with an attorney about your injuries today. We work to get you all your benefits, not just workers’ compensation.

Dedicated Service. Quality Care.

Cook & Connelly was founded in 1959 by Bobby Lee Cook and A. Cecil Pamour. The two attorneys cultivated a reputation for excellent service that puts people before profit. We carry on this legacy with pride. Contact our office at 706-933-0035 today.