Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC
Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC

Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

We Serve The Injured Suffering From Spinal Cord Injuries

Going to the kitchen. Getting in the car. Spending time at the park. Many of us take our ability to move and function normally for granted. You rarely notice how dependent you are on simple actions like walking until you no longer can perform those tasks. A spinal injury drastically changes your ability to move independently. Many who suffer from spinal cord injuries will never fully recover, and those who will recover have a very long road ahead.

Our firm was founded in 1959, and spinal cord damage rarely came with a good prognosis. As medical advancements continue, we have adapted our practice to ensuring people like you and your loved ones access fair legal treatment. We seek settlements that provide for you and take your full medical needs into account. Speak with our attorneys at Cook & Connelly, LLC by calling our Summerville office at 706-933-0035.

You Have Options

Often, insurance companies will rush to offer you a personal injury settlement when you are seriously injured. They do this with a primary goal in mind: to reduce the cost to their company. Instead of evaluating your needs, they try to provide you with as little support as possible. You need to stop and consult an attorney before you accept an offer.

Our attorneys help shed light on how your life has and will continue to change. We help you identify the true cost of your injury, including:

  • Your ongoing medical expenses, including rehabilitative care and surgical needs
  • Any necessary remodeling or accessibility aids you need
  • Financial burdens imposed by necessary job changes or added caregivers

As lawyers and long-standing members of the Summerville community, our firm focuses on comprehensive legal care. We know that our community thrives when its members have the tools they need to thrive as well. Our tradition of excellence comes from this commitment.

Personal Care Focused On Your Long-Term Needs

We focus on providing you with a holistic plan for your legal care. From the very beginning, we prioritize your needs and pursue your goals. Reach our firm and schedule your consultation today.