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Providing Effective Family Law Solutions

Legal resolutions involving family are often extremely complicated. This is because of the raw emotions regarding children that can be involved, as well as the tangled web of finances and assets. Nevertheless, these legal matters do not necessarily need to be painful. Representation from the experienced attorneys at Cook & Connelly, LLC give your legal needs the attention they deserve for a durable legal solution.

We have served our clients in Georgia, Tennessee and the Southeast since 1959 in a variety of capacities. One constant is the level of professionalism and integrity that is the base of our work. While we are a smaller firm, we work as a team to provide top-quality skills and resources in a manner that is both compassionate and hands-on. In addition, attorney A. Holley Strawn is the legal representative for the Sexual Assault Center and has significant experience handling juvenile matters, including guardian ad litem cases.

Knowledgeable Guidance For A Wide Range Of Family Law Issues

The scope of our service is both broad and specific. We always work toward the best possible resolution in, but not limited to, the following areas:

We are here to provide an objective legal analysis and to give you the information you need to make smart decisions for you and your family. We are highly experienced trial lawyers who are fully prepared to go to court to resolve your legal issues, but we know that mediation can be more economical and have less of an emotional toll on children, parents and extended family.

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