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Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC
Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC

Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Theft Convictions Can Steal Your Future

The American Constitution makes it very clear: everyone accused of a crime has the right to a legal defense. When accused of theft, you need to exercise your right to an attorney. Theft may seem like a simple crime with simple consequences, but the consequences of a conviction can be shocking.

Fortunately, our attorneys can help you maintain your rights and civil liberties. Email us today.

How Theft Charges Impact Your Opportunities For Success

It does not take much for Georgia to classify a theft as a felony. If you are accused of stealing more than $500 worth of money or goods, you are, by default, looking at a felony charge. Moreover, if the crime in question occurs during your role as a caregiver, includes bank or state property or involves weapons of any kind, you can face felony charges. You cannot afford to face prosecutors undefended. Our attorneys can help guide you and your legal defense.

Felony convictions mean:

  • A criminal record that follows you throughout your life
  • Up to 10 years in jail
  • Significant fines and court fees
  • Loss of civil rights, like the ability to vote
  • Inability to access social support programs like housing or food assistance

And, in addition to these consequences, you may be at risk in other ways. Employers may refuse to hire you. You may no longer be able to obtain professional licensure. Scholarship and grant opportunities may disappear. And, on a personal note, your personal and social life can and will suffer.

Defend Your Rights In Court

Here in Georgia, Cook & Connelly is more than just a law firm. We are a legal institution with a tradition of success. Our founding attorneys worked on high-profile criminal cases, including murder cases and criminal cases overseas. We know how to protect your rights, despite the power of the prosecutor’s office. Contact our firm at the first opportunity. Dial 706-933-0035.