Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC
Photo of Professionals at Cook & Connelly, LLC

Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

Established Attorneys Who Can Defeat Domestic Violence Accusations

Unlike many other criminal charges, allegations of domestic violence have an immediate impact on the accused. Frequently, alleged domestic violence perpetrators are arrested, regardless of what the supposed victim wishes. Even upon release, the accused suffer lasting consequences that disrupt daily life.

If the police arrest you for domestic violence, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer. At Cook & Connelly, our firm has provided legal representation to the accused for more than 60 years. We are thorough, detail-oriented and effective. Speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney today at 706-933-0035.

The Consequences Start Before You Go To Trial

Because domestic violence occurs in intimate spaces like the home, there is an immediate need to protect victims. Unfortunately, this often comes at the price of your civil liberties. You will need an attorney right away to start your defense strategy. The need for immediate protective action can lead to the accused suffering serious consequences like:

  • Being unable to live in their home
  • Having to comply with restraining orders
  • No longer having access to their children
  • Losing their right to own or possess firearms

These penalties occur before a jury hears your case. This is in addition to the myriad of social and familial implications that go hand-in-hand with domestic violence allegations. To protect yourself and your freedoms, you must take immediate action.

How Cook & Connelly Attorneys Defend You

Since the day Bobby Lee Cook and A. Cecil Pamour founded our firm in 1959, our attorneys have committed themselves to providing the best possible legal services to the Summerville area. We know Georgia laws and the way judges interpret them. Do not let the criminal justice system unfairly take away your rights. Reach us online or by phone at 706-933-0035.