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Tire maintenance is important in preventing collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you were on the highway, you suddenly noticed that the vehicle in front of you was weaving oddly. Moments later, their tire came off, rolling rapidly towards your vehicle. You couldn’t get out of the way and ended up crashing as a result of the tire.

In a crash like this, it’s a good idea to pursue a claim, because the driver’s vehicle was not safe. A tire that is not attached well can come off and become a harmful or deadly projectile that could impact vehicles and cause collisions.

With tires, it’s important to know how old they are and if they have tread. Worn tires may not grip the road’s surface well, leading to a vehicle that slides or can’t break properly. As tires age, they start to crack as they stretch. When you see damage to a tire, it’s time to replace it.

What about a loose tire, though? In that case, it might be the mechanic’s shop that’s to blame. When they reattach a tire, the bolts should be secure. The tire should rest in the correct area and not rub against the car’s frame. Sometimes, lug nuts come loose over time. Other times, they’re not threaded correctly. In worst-case scenarios, they may fail completely and let the tire roll right off the hub or spindle.

If you’re hurt because of a tire coming off another person’s vehicle, you may want to look into filing a personal injury claim. Your attorney can talk to you more about who you should be able to hold liable for your injuries since there may be more than one party to blame.