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The danger of unexpected flying objects on the highway

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

You are only as safe as the drivers around you. When they make mistakes, you may be the one who pays the price in terms of severe injuries. 

You see this in all manner of accidents, but let’s consider the role of flying objects. These may suddenly appear in the air between your car and the car ahead of you when something falls off of or out of that vehicle. 

For instance, maybe someone stuffed too much into the trunk of their car, couldn’t get it to close, and tried to drive home. If something falls out and into the road, you could get injured when you hit that item or when you get into an accident trying to swerve and avoid it. The same could happen if someone tried to carry too many items in the bed of a pickup truck or neglected to strap the items down properly. 

Perhaps the most dangerous incidents involve semi-trucks, as the items they carry tend to be far larger, heavier and more dangerous. Perhaps you’re driving behind a logging truck. If even one log comes loose, it could be enough to total your car in a split second, putting you in the hospital with severe injuries. The same is true for trucks carrying heavy equipment, parts and materials, smaller vehicles and much else. Even maintaining a proper following distance may not give you enough space to avoid a crash. 

If you do get injured in this fashion, be sure you know how to seek compensation. It may help with lost wages, medical bills and many other costs.