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Car safety technology is there, so why don’t people use it?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Remember your first car? Remember how you had to change the cassette over every half hour? Remember those fixed seat belts which no-one wore? Remember the big chrome fenders that caused untold damage if you ever hit anything?

Car technology has come a long way. Cars are safer than ever before. So why do so many people still insist on driving a car without the technology that could save lives? 

Many accidents are caused by driver error. Many of these could have been avoided or could have been less damaging if the driver had embraced the vehicle safety technology available to them.

These are some of the things car safety technology can do:

  • Adjust your cruise control to maintain a safe distance from the car in front.
  • Brake automatically before you even realize you need to brake, saving vital seconds. 
  • Warn you if you start to leave your lane and take your car back into your lane.
  • Check your blind spots and show you what is behind you when reversing.

Many car drivers seem all too happy to invest in the latest car technology when it involves music, navigation or talking to people on their phones. So why are so few willing to invest in technology that increases safety for them and other road users? You can even fit some of these options into a classic car. 

If another driver caused you to have a vehicle accident in Georgia, you need a lawyer who is willing to go to trial and hold them to account for their negligence. They may wish they had invested in the latest technology and avoided the crash in the first place.