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Know these possible car wreck injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Car wrecks can lead to a host of injuries, so it is imperative that anyone who is involved in a crash understands that they might need to seek medical care after the incident. Some injuries will be noticeable when you’re still at the scene; however, others might not show up for a few days or even weeks. Head injuries, for example, might take a bit before you start to notice them.

Broken bones are one of the injuries that will show up right away because they are so painful. You may notice obvious deformities in the area of the break, and it might be red and swollen. The most common broken bones in car wrecks are the collarbone, facial bones and the extremities.

Neck and back injuries are also possible. You might notice that you’re a bit sore in the days after the accident. This typically doesn’t mean that anything is seriously wrong unless you feel pain. If the soreness doesn’t abate, you might consider visiting the doctor just to make sure you don’t have something serious going on with you.

Whiplash is one of these injuries. It is most common in rear-end crashes, so be especially careful if you experience neck pain after one. Some people assume that whiplash is minor, but it can be debilitating because of the lack of range of motion, pain and stiffness that occur.

People who are involved in a crash with another vehicle need to ensure that they get the medical care they need. They may also seek compensation to help defray the medical care costs that they experience, as well as other expenses that are due to the accident.