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Facing your first DUI? Senate Bill 485 could affect you

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | DUI defense |

You were out for the night, so you stopped to get some drinks with friends. After a while, you decided to get behind the wheel and head home. You didn’t feel intoxicated, but the drinks must have hit you later than you expected. Just a few minutes after you started driving, you crashed.

Officers at the scene realized that you were intoxicated, and you’re now facing a DUI. It’s unexpected, and you want to fight it. If you do end up with a conviction, you’re worried about how it could affect you.

New rules could be implemented and affect first-time DUIs

If you are facing a DUI, one thing that you might end up having to pay for is the installation of an ignition interlock device.  In fact, safety advocates are now asking that Georgia becomes the 35th state to require ignition interlock devices on a first-time offense.

Presently, Georgia only requires repeat offenders to use the devices for a year, but first-time offenders don’t always have to get them installed. It’s an option for the judge to decide on.

A new bill, Senate Bill 485 would begin requiring ignition interlock devices for six months following a first offense. Advocates of the bill agree that IIDs have been shown to reduce drunk driving, but there are also issues to consider. For instance, IIDs are expensive to install, adding to the cost of a first-time offense. Secondly, there is no way to know if a first-time offender will offend again, so the IID could be unnecessary.

A DUI is serious, and it can be costly. Your attorney will speak with you about how you can limit the impact of the charges you’re facing.