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What are your rights after you suffer a slip and fall in a store?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you stop into a business to purchase something, the goal is usually to get in and out quickly. People in a rush tend to treat a familiar environment as a place that doesn’t require much monitoring. If you know where the dairy section is, for example, you will probably head there on autopilot once you enter the store, usually with no real consequences. 

However, when you aren’t watching exactly where you step, the risk exists for you to slip in a wet spot or a spill of some kind. Even over-waxed sections of flooring could send you flying and leave you injured. 

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to injuries, medical expenses and missed work. If something like that has happened to you, you may wonder what rights you have, especially if the injury has had an impact on your finances.

If neglect played a role in your fall, you may have grounds for a claim

Those who make their businesses open and accessible to the public must maintain that facility in a manner that is reasonably safe. Important maintenance considerations include maintaining the roof so that water doesn’t leak onto the floor and addressing any spills or accumulated fluids on the floor as soon as possible. 

When a business doesn’t keep the floors clean and maintain the facility properly, the potential exists for someone to wind up slipping and falling. Provided that your injury was severe enough to require medical attention or if your slip-and-fall resulted in property damage, such as broken electronic equipment or fine jewelry, you may be able to bring a claim against the business’ liability insurance. 

Slip-and-fall incidents are typically a form of premises liability for retail shops. When the property owner or their insurance company refuses to take responsibility, it may be necessary to get some experienced legal assistance.