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How should you drive in the fog?

Fog is a common weather condition, but one that often takes drivers by surprise and leaves them unsure how to continue. It reduces or eliminates visibility and can, in this way, lead to massive car accidents.  Drivers often wonder how to stay safe. Do they slow down,...

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Autumn leaves can lead to serious fall injuries

Fall is now here, and the leaves are falling off most trees. While fall brings the welcome relief of cooler temperatures, those fallen leaves can pose a threat to people who walk on sidewalks, climb stairs or even walk across yards where those leaves have fallen....

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Nerve injuries during birth are traumatic

Many births occur without any issues; however, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. One issue that can be hard to handle is a nerve injury. These usually occur to the baby’s face or their brachial plexus. In both cases, the impacted areas of the body...

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