New Client Forms

New Client Information Questionnaire:

Thank you for contacting us to help your legal matter. To help us serve you better, please find the appropriate questionnaire for you case, print and fill it out prior to your meeting with one of our attorneys. Please remember to bring this questionnaire with you to your first meeting as it will save time and help us to understand all areas involved in your litigation process. The forms are intended to provide us with pertinent information about you, your spouse, your past history and what outcome you are hoping to gain from hiring our expertise. The questionnaires ask many different questions, if there is a question that you feel is not applicable in your situation, please feel free to leave it blank, however the attorneys reserve the right to request any information they feel to be beneficial to them and your case.

These questionnaires are not a legal binding agreement. Therefore, it does not need to be signed, witnessed or notarized.

Retainer Agreement:

It is important that you enter into a written fee agreement with your attorney. This sets the terms and conditions of the attorney-client relationship.

The total cost for any legal case is near impossible to estimate up front, even after the initial interview with the client. Many factors are in play with the total amount of the attorney's fees. (ex: complexity and novelty of the issues, complexity of the case coincides with the amount of time spent on preparation for the case.)