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Serious felony crimes require legal representation from a highly trained and experienced attorney. In order to achieve a favorable outcome, your attorney must understand how to scrutinize evidence, thoroughly examine the legal issues involved in the case and build a highly effective strategy for your case. At our law firm, we pledge to provide the level of representation you need for your case.

We are the attorneys at Cook & Connelly and our firm represents clients in criminal defense matters in Georgia and Tennessee. Our firm was established in 1959 by attorneys Bobby Lee Cook and the late A. Cecil Palmour. Today, we are a recognized and trusted source for legal counsel in criminal defense matters.

Defenses to Violent Crimes

Violent crimes such as rape and murder are felony offenses that can carry extremely harsh punishments. If a proper defense is not built for your case from the start, the repercussions could affect you your entire lifetime. If you are facing multiple charges, your attorney must fully understand how to examine evidence, the base of the charge or the arrest, and external factors that may be involved in your case (such as other charges).

Our attorneys are highly experienced litigators who have handled a wide range of criminal matters. Bobby Lee Cook has handled more than 250 murder and other criminal cases in 37 states. He has handled criminal cases in South Vietnam and Germany, and has tried a number of court-martial cases involving violent crimes. He has gained favorable outcomes for nearly 85 percent of his cases and offers each client the individual representation that he or she deserves. If you value aggressive representation from a lawyer with vast legal knowledge, we are your source for legal counsel.

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