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A simple drug charge may seem harmless and easy to overcome, but the future effects of a conviction are often much more serious than commonly perceived. You need an attorney to help build a strong defense against the charge and help determine the best strategy to pursue in protecting your rights. When it comes time to choosing an attorney, turn to our experienced legal team.

Established in 1959, Cook & Connelly serves the needs of clients in the area of drug crimes and criminal defense. Our firm is located in Summerville and we represent clients throughout Georgia and Tennessee. We take an aggressive stance on behalf of our clients and work to achieve the best possible solution for their situations. Our firm has the experience, the resources and the tools necessary to handle any situation.

Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

Drug cases handled on the state court level are misdemeanor charges, and often include simple possession charges or charges involving possession or distribution of marijuana. Prescription medication cases involving fraud or illegal possession of a prescription drug may also be considered a misdemeanor charge. While misdemeanor charges carry a lighter punishment than felony drug charges, it can still drastically affect your future. Without aggressive representation you could be facing probation, jail time or a permanent mark on your record. We will work to minimize the consequences as much as possible and try to get the charges dismissed.

Felony Drug Crimes

If you have been charged with a felony drug crime, it is imperative you seek counsel immediately. With any drug charge, you have the absolute right to remain silent. Once you are arraigned, you only have 10 days to suppress, so you need a lawyer's timely review to help you with your case. We have handled a number of felony drug crime cases in the Northern District Federal Courts and the Superior Courts. We also handle the forfeiture side of a case. Our experience with felony drug crimes includes the following:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Meth possession and distribution
  • Cocaine manufacturing
  • Serious drug charges involving unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Illegal search of a person, home or automobile

Experienced Representation in Georgia and Calhoun: Drug Possession Attorneys

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