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With a DWI or DUI, you always have the choice to plead guilty, pay the fine and move on. While this can seem easier than retaining legal counsel, the actual consequences are much more long term. You can have trouble getting a job, keeping your license and you may even end up with a permanent mark on your record. With your interests in mind, our lawyers can work to minimize these effects as much as possible.

Established in 1959, the law firm of Cook & Connelly represents clients throughout Georgia in DWI/DUI defense. Our group of dynamic attorneys works to help our clients achieve the most favorable outcome in the most efficient manner. We advise our clients on strategies that look out for their best financial interests and well-being. Our senior partner, Mr. Bobby Lee Cook, even featured in an American Bar Association (ABA) article on DUI defense, titled "Lines of the Tribal Bar."

In Georgia, a DUI conviction can carry harsh consequences. In order to minimize these harsh consequences, such as license suspension and fines, you need a strong defense. If convicted, the minimum fine is typically $1,000 — and you could be facing jail time. Our Summerville DUI defense attorneys will take immediate action and stand up for your rights. Providing the best defense possible is always our top priority.

First-Time and Repeat Offender Defenses

For first-time offenders, there are a number of different defenses that we can explore. We may even be able to get the charge dismissed. Our attorneys will thoroughly examine the evidence and look at the following:

  • The validity of the traffic stop: How was the stop conducted?
  • Search of the vehicle: Was the search legal? Was the individual's purse or body searched?
  • Breathalyzer test: Was the test administered properly? Where was the test performed?

If you have been charged with your second, third or fourth DWI/DUI, representation from an experienced lawyer is essential. There are ways to reduce DUI charges and we will explore every possibility. We have significant experience handling DUI/DWI cases in trial and will fully advocate on your behalf.

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