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Experienced and effective legal representation in Georgia and beyond since 1959

60 Years Of Excellence
And The Reputation To Match

Cook & Connelly was founded by Bobby Lee Cook in 1959. Our legal approach is formulated for success. We listen to your needs and goals and create a legal plan that fits.

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A Family Tradition Of Legal Excellence

A Family Tradition

Our founders, Bobby Lee Cook and A. Cecil Palmour provided quality legal services, and we are proud to follow in their footsteps. For over half a century, our firm has approached legal cases with a unique blend of personal care and results-oriented analysis.

Of Legal Excellence

We know that every case has its own ideal resolution. Litigation may not be the ideal solution. As part of our services, we prepare each case as though litigation will happen. Because we prepare extensively, we can identify additional evidence and other factors that benefit you in the long run.

Our firm represents clients in a vast range of legal areas throughout Georgia and Tennessee. We focus on the following legal areas: